kerokerokeys is a DSA profile keycap set celebrating the cuteness of frogs!
@sailorhg is a long-time frog enthusiast who created kerokerokeys to use with her frog computer.


3/6 update: Factory has come back from their monthlong Lunar New Year break to resume work on keys. They're applying QA fixes from our project manager's October visit. They'll keep making and QA'ing keys until they have enough to fulfill the order.
the kerokerokeys deskmats (collab with artist punimelt) have shipped unless you also ordered keys. For customers who ordered both, the deskmats will ship with your keys order.
matching kerokerokeys cables by cookie cables have shipped!
craftedbyannie collab froggy artisan keycaps have shipped!
kiko caps collab froggy artisan keycaps have shipped!


why the name "kerokerokeys"?

kero kero「ケロケロ」is the japanese onomatopoeia for the song that frogs make! and i liked the alliteration of "kerokerokeys"!
are you selling a keyboard? or just keycaps?

just keycaps! some green keyboard recs:
what does DSA mean?

DSA keycaps have the same height no matter what row of the keyboard they are on. This makes it convenient to rearrange the keys on the board for customization.
what kits are being offered?

core kit: covers most boards, including 104 full keyboard, TKL, 75%, 60%, ISO, moonlander, and ortho boards

ergo kit: covers ergodox boards